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DynOptix, Inc. is an innovation rich engineering firm focused on the development, commercialization & application of multispectral non-contact validation, inspection & profiling technologies & devices.
DynOptix will advance the safety and health protocols of today through the use of multi-spectral devices, further protecting millions of patients, travelers, students & workers while minimizing corporate liability, expenses & loss of productivity.

DynOptix NCI-V

NCI-V is a patented technology system created by DynOptix, Inc. to advance the safety & health protocols in medical facilities, the workplace, schools and airports, furthering the protection of patients, visitors, employees, students and staff and travelers.


DynOptix in the News

DynOptix to collaborate with Dell and demonstrate healthcare functionality in labs in both Austin and Santa Clara
Frisco, TX–  DynOptix, Inc. today announced an agreement to place two (2) of it’s NCI-V systems in both the Austin (TX) Executive Center and Lab, and Santa Clara Delivery Solution Center and IoT Lab for demonstration purposes.
Developed on the Dell Edge platform with strategic partner ELM FieldSight, LLC. NCI-V is a patent-pending technology system to advance the safety & health protocols in medical facilities, furthering the protection of patient, visitor and staff.  A complete hardware, software and cloud hosted ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) solution, the technologies and techniques allow for the accurate screening of human temperature.
This agreement allows all parties to demonstrate a use-case in the healthcare vertical ‘powered by Dell’.
The system demonstrates immediate value through minimized risk of exposure to infections via airborne-illnesses, or reduced loss of productivity through employee absenteeism by removing febrile individuals.  It also creates measurable and repeatable standards for compliance and operational efficiency.


6201 Technology Dr. Suite 113 Frisco, TX 75033